"Sahay" is an initiative of the students of NIPER-Guwahati to serve the people who are in need. It’s the enthusiasm and a good ambition of the students to share a part of their benefits with the underprivileged in the society, which gave birth to Sahay. It was formed as a voluntary organization on 7th March 2014.

  Sahay "New Office Opening"

  "Sahay - for the needy" sponsored medical bills to one of our Niperite who met with an accident.

  "Sahay - for the needy" Eye check-up camp organized by SAHAY at Shankardeva Netralaya-Guwahati-17/12/2022 and        donated eye drops and spectacles.

  "Sahay - for the needy" SAHAY has organized a food and essentials donation camp on 30-10-2022 at mother old age home        and Ila Snehalata.

  "Sahay - for the needy"

  "Sahay - for the needy" 30 October 2022.

  "Sahay - for the needy" activity @ Mother old age home        and donated food, daily essentials and blankets.

  "Sahay - for the needy" Donated Rupees 10,000 to a worker at NIPER-G as her husband was suffering from health issue and        needs a surgery.

  Provided financial assistance to Bigu Das (animal house caretaker)

  "Sahay - for the needy" activity @ ILA Snehalaya children orphanage on 4th July 2014

  "Sahay - for the needy" activity @ ELSEDAI children orphanage.

  Blood donation in the month of September 2017