Pharmaceutical Technology (Formulations)


Preformulation and formulation studies are critical for the success of potential new molecules with poor physicochemical properties such as solubility and permeability. Failure to attempt suitable drug delivery technologies at this may lead to elimination of a potent molecule. The fundamental understanding of physicochemical properties and preformulation screening with the objective to develop suitable technology will lead to development of successful delivery system. Further, successful Generic Drug Development necessitates the use of reverse engineering notion for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of drug and excipients of innovator product.

With this objectives, Pharmaceutical Technology (Formulations) Department major emphasis is to impart training to the students on the following thrust areas and make them industry ready.

Major Thrust Area of the Department

  • Dosage form optimization based on QbD principles.
  • Amorphous drug delivery technology (amorphous solid dispersions, co-amorphous systems)
  • Reverse engineering of a product's formulation to create Generic Drugs
  • Developing prototype formulations for improved deliverability of BCS class II and IV molecules including natural bio actives using
  • Repurposed Drug Delivery
  • Herbal product developments
  • In vitro In vivo correlation analysis
  • Preformulation screening

Study Options:

Programmes Length Code
MS (Pharm.) 2 years full time PT
PhD Not applicable PT

    MS(Pharm) Syllabus