Pharmaceutical Analysis


The Department of Pharmaceutical analysis aims to focus on the development of analytical methods using new combinations of established instrumentation and approaches. It involves basic research in identity, purity, content and stability of starting materials, excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The department is involved in teaching and training post graduate students, in the subjects of analytical sciences pertaining to qualitative and quantitative estimation of natural and synthetic compounds in various matrices by application of spectroscopy, chromatography and analytical methods.

Major Thrust Area of the Department

  • Analytical and bioanalytical method development and validation
  • Identification and characterization of impurities in drug substances
  • Pharmacokinetic studies of drugs and metabolites
  • Forced degradation studies and characterization of degradation products
  • Short-term/accelerated, mid-term and long-term stability testing of formulations
  • Pre-formulation (physicochemical parameters & excipient compatibility) studies
  • Chemical characterization of biomarkers in herbal products

Study Options:

Programmes Length Code
MS (Pharm.) 2 years full time PA
PhD Not applicable PA

    MS(Pharm) Syllabus

    PhD Syllabus