Medicinal Chemistry


The Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) Guwahati was established in the year of 2020 that is a multidimensional discipline, and the activity of this division is focused on improving human well-being through research that leads to the design and development of safe and effective therapeutic agents. Molecular characteristics of drug action, interactions with the drug targets, the relationship of chemical structure to the drug action and effects of metabolism on the drug structure etc. are in the scope of Departmental research activities. In short, we focus on synthetic chemistry and modelling techniques with the broad goals of drug discovery and optimization.

Target identification and validation, rational drug design, structural biology, computer-aided drug design, method development (chemical, biochemical, and computational), modelling reaction mechanism, etc. are in the scope of this Department. The research programs of the Department are broad which include but not limited to Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry & Peptide Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry and Molecular Modelling. Active research collaborations and joint post-graduate courses eliminate barriers and create a flourishing scientific environment at the NIPER-G.

M.S. (Pharm.) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) studies in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry are devoted to high-quality research, education and training of students. Our emphasis is to make students creative and independent investigators for their future positions in the academic or industrial environment.

Vision of the Department

  • We aspire to be a universally recognized model for education and training of M.S., Ph.D. and postdoctoral students preparing to compete and contribute to the society.
  • We aim to attract highly qualified professionals from worldwide to formally interact (through teaching, collaborative research and exchange programs) with the department.
  • We would like to focus on drug discovery, drug development, process research and herbal healthcare and natural products.
  • Establishment of ACAD (Advanced Centre for Computer-Aided Drug Design).

Study Options:

Programmes Length Code
MS (Pharm.) 2 years full time MC
PhD Not applicable MC

    MS(Pharm) Syllabus

    PhD Syllabus